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Y.B LOCK- Locking solutions ltd, was established in Israel in the year of 2003,
  The creators Yoel Jan & Shlomo Harush are well known in the domestic security
sector for 16 years and still acting as an insurance security know-how consulting.

The company is a uniquely qualified and experience developer and provider of diverse Locking solutions which meets various needs in various and multidisciplinary areas.

The company focused on both innovating and upgrading existing solution
on one hand, and on the other inventing new solutions for continuously
demand in order to meet clients arising demand.

In the Subsequent year it continuously expended its range of solutions
due to intensifying corp . needs of stolen goods prevention.

We believe that we can provide the solution for any arising needs that may came in which will support  the company goal of decreasing the corporation loses by finding the most appropriated locking solution.

Among our clients: National hospitals, The Israel electrical company, Cellular companies, Brinks (cash on delivery), ATM's distributors, The Israel railway company,
Fuel corporations, and atc’.

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